Water Division

The DPW will be open Christmas Eve from 8:30 AM - 1:00 PM, Closed Christmas Day.

The City of 银河娱乐app娱乐app Department of Public Work’s Water Division is a municipally Resevoirowned and operated water utility, responsible for the treatment and delivery of water to the residents of 银河娱乐app娱乐app. Through an inter municipal agreement the Water Division also provides water to homes in Westminster.

Water originates from Bickford Pond, Wachusett Lake and the 银河娱乐app娱乐app, Mare Meadow, Meetinghouse, and Scott Reservoirs. The department is also responsible for the preservation, protection, and management of the City's watershed and reservoirs.

The Water Division is overseen by the Water and Wastewater Commission, who are tasked with the management of water resources in the City.