Fun 'N FITchburg

A Bit of History

    Since 2009, the City of 银河娱乐app娱乐app in collaboration with Montachusett Opportunity Council and numerous partners, has worked to address barriers to healthy eating and active living through policy, systems and environmental changes.  Efforts to address healthy eating and active living derive from research-based studies that show community base prevention and intervention strategies have a positive effort on health outcomes such as diabetes, asthma and obesity.  银河娱乐app娱乐app has a higher rate of asthma, diabetes and obesity than the state average.

银河娱乐app娱乐app is Getting Healthier 

    银河娱乐app娱乐app, 银河娱乐app下载 is making some very positive changes for your health: where sidewalks connect to parks and schools, fresh fruits and vegetables are more available in neighborhoods, and recreational areas are safe and clean!  These changes are happening right before your eyes, through the following FUN N' 银河娱乐app娱乐app initiatives:

Complete Streets Initiative

hrough our Complete Streets initiative, 银河娱乐app娱乐app will become a more livable community for all residents, including children, diabetics and elder adults.  Goals of the initiative are to improve equity, safety, and public health while reducing transportation costs.  Remember Complete Streets strives at making streets safer for ALL street users not just motor vehicles!
Active Living/Built Environment: Trails and Open Spaces:
    The focus of this initiative is to improve access to parks and under utilized public spaces.

Healthy Eating/ Active Living:
Our focus with this initiative is to target residents in low income neighborhoods ( which have the highest rates of poverty) and improve access to fresh food, to include the 银河娱乐app娱乐app Farmers Market at least four months annually!

Changes Have Already Been Made

  • Built over 40 community gardens
  • Worked for all farmers markets to accept SNAP and Farmers Market Coupons
  • Created an adopt-a-park program with 16 parks adopted by residents/groups 
  • Adopted healthy food guidelines for vendors at city parks and concessions
  • Partnered with the police and Parks Department to make parks Safe Zones
  • Developed the "Side Yard Sales Program" whereby abutters are able to obtain ownership to blighted or vacant  abutting lots with requirements to make lots "healthy" once again.
  • Assisted in the development of a Complete Streets Prioritization Plan and supported initiative with a public hearing.
  • Assisted in the design and grand opening of a new park at the corner of First St. and Railroad St.
  • Partnered with Growing Places to improve the location, operation, and marketing of the Farmers Market.  2016 saw a 25% increase in sales at the Farmer's Market!
  • Supported the creation of  银河娱乐app娱乐app  Public Library's  "Rent a Bike" program to promote physical activity.
  • Supported change on Main Street toward Complete Streets initiatives.
    According to the 银河娱乐app下载 Department of Public Health, 银河娱乐app娱乐app’s youth are no longer ranked 2nd for BMI. In fact, 银河娱乐app娱乐app schools’ BMI has improved by over 10% since 2009! 
银河娱乐app娱乐app Youth BMI Chart

Join Us in Our Next Steps

  •  Collaborate with regional partners to develop a policy that addresses mobility with a focus on alternatives to automobile travel; including Complete Streets.
  •  Complete a regional food assessment to identify barriers and develop strategies to address identified barriers.
  •  Develop a needs assessment analysis through community input and engagement that identifies the root causes of disparate health conditions in 银河娱乐app娱乐app.
  •  Increasing healthy food access and physical activity in 银河娱乐app娱乐app neighborhoods.
  • Transforming vacant lots into healthy eating/physical activity spaces
Fun ‘n FITchburg a program of the Montachusett Opportunity Council, Inc is funded by a Mass in Motion initiative sponsored by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.