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The main mission of the Health Department of the City of 银河娱乐app娱乐app is to maintain, protect and improve the health, safety and well being of the people of the City of 银河娱乐app娱乐app through its jurisdictional powers.

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CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) and the City of 银河娱乐app娱乐app

Coronavirus Pandemic Health Department Operations

Please be advised that based on an abundance of prevention, all Health staff will be working remotely until further notice during this pandemic.  The following Health Department operations will take place:

Housing Division:

Housing Inspectors will  work remotely until further notice. A schedule has been arranged so that office check in does not require a gathering. Request for inspections will be honored for emergency only situations such as no heat or hot water or any violation that has the potential to impair the health and safety of the occupant and/or the general public.  Inspectors will continue to inspect nuisances within the city and issue notices of violations in the event properties have curbside or property violations to ensure properties are maintained.  Inspectors will also be tasked with responding to phone calls, e-mails, reports and court enforcement but working from home.

The clerks will be tasked with daily permitting and office duties remotely.  Clerks will also monitor office phone calls, emails and paperwork remotely.  

The BOH will continue to be apprised of the COVID-19 pandemic via conference meeting which the first will take place before the end of this week.  They will also be informed of daily operations.

Food Inspections:
Food establishments inspections will also be on an emergency based response only, such as a food borne illness complaint or confirmed cases.  Inspections will also continue for any new food operations seeking to open for business.  The inspector will work from home on non-inspection tasks.  

Solid Waste Division:
Curbside collection will continue without interruption as will the 银河娱乐app娱乐app/Westminster Sanitary Landfill.  Permits for the Landfill will still be issued by mail or by arrangements.  

Nursing Division:
The nurse will continue to monitor the outbreak and will do so remotely and will respond to calls and e-mails and required meetings.  The nurse will not be performing any body art inspections unless an emergency situation arises.


The Trash and Recycling calendar is now in electronic form.  Please see below.  You can also download it as an app on your smartphone or tablet by going to your app store and searching for the 银河娱乐app娱乐app Trash & Recycling Tool.  This tool also allows you to research how to dispose off or recycle most items by using the Waste Wizard, to sign up to receive notifications such as a collection day reminder or receive information such as special collections or collection delays!  No smart phone required, if you sign up online, to receive notifications.  Enter your address below and sign up now!




Let's Clean up our recycling cart!

The City has partnered with MassDEP in an effort to reduce our recycling contamination level.  In this endeavor, recycling carts will be inspected and those that do not follow proper recycling guidelines will be tagged and rejected.  These carts will need to be removed from the curb and the offending items identified on the tag will need to be removed from the cart.  The hauler will not return for an additional collection and the cart will be emptied at the next scheduled collection.  Please follow the proper recycling guidelines highlighted here.

Report a Nuisance

To report a potential code violation or nuisance, please fill out the Nuisance Form

The Board of Health

The Board of Health is a three member board which oversees the Health Department.
Massachusetts General Laws authorizes the Board of Health to make reasonable regulations to accomplish its goal to maintain, protect and improve the health, safety and well-being of the people of 银河娱乐app娱乐app.
Click here for the Board of Health Page.